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titanium brand ВТ1-2

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The alloy belongs to low alloyed alloys.
State Standards 19807-91TU1-92-148-89
Application: VT1-2 alloy is used for the production of structural elements and blanks, such as pipes, profiles, sheets, strips, ribbons, dies and other blanks. The chemical composition of this alloy is regulated in the state standard 19807 - 91. Its mechanical properties differ according to the type of laminated metal in which it is used.
Technical titanium VT1-2 is necessary for the manufacture of wires for welding. VT1-2 welding wire is used to weld structural elements of the same alloy.
Chemical composition , %:
Ti - By
Si -0.15
Fe -1,5
O2 -0.30
H2 -0,010
N2 -0.15
C -0,10
Mixtures -0.30

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